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Discover your hidden talent for a cappella singing!

Do you feel like you have untapped singing potential?

Are you looking for a challenge?

Are you new to singing?

If you love to sing, are interested in honing your vocal production and performance skills, and thrive on a challenge, Hot Ginger Chorus would love to meet you! Our doors are always open to new singers.  We love to sing beautiful harmonies together (and also love to catch up with good friends each week).

Hot Ginger Chorus rehearses from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM each Wednesday.

We predominantly sing A Cappella music arranged in the barbershop style. This involves four voice parts singing in harmony, which means we welcome singers with very low voices, all the way through to higher voices. Storytelling is central to our art form, and we love to engage our audience in every performance. 

Hot Ginger Chorus is always welcoming new people who are looking to join a singing group.  We invite our Sunshine Coast community to join us for a rehearsal and see if our chorus is just what you are looking for!  We welcome women and transgender people who love to sing and are committed to learning and improving their singing skills. If this sounds like you, come along to our next rehearsal to try it out before committing to a 6 -8 week program, which culminates with you auditioning to be part of the chorus.  Simply reach out ot let us know you are interested and we will organise the rest!

Hot Ginger Chorus is a chorus who sings four-part acapella harmonies to a high standard. We specialise in barbershop singing, modern songs and create rich beautiful harmonies together. We love singing together and always have fun performing and socialising with one another. If you enjoy a laugh and want to meet new friends who are just like you, this is your thing! We meet every Wednesday evening! Come and see how you can be part of it!

We are an auditioned ensemble; however, formal musical training and previous experience are not essential for membership. Although we are committed to musical excellence, not all of our members can read sheet music. We learn our songs using a combination of sheet music and learning tracks (i.e. recordings of each voice part). If you can sing in tune, hold your part while singing with others, and are enthusiastic about performing for an audience, you could be a great fit for our choir!

There is a wide support net for beginner and intermediate singers and there are many challenges and opportunities for confident singers to expand their skills.  While Hot Ginger Chorus is an entertainment and singing chorus, what we really pride ourselves on is how we contribute to the community through “mateship”, mentoring, intergenerational diversity, and health and wellbeing. It just so happens that we do this through the medium and love of singing.

What to expect from your first night:

On your first night, you will be part of our normal rehearsal session.  We will have a fun physical and vocal warm up before getting stuck into learning our songs.  We will teach you a barbershop tag and will end the night with a little concert and a Q and A session.  We hope that this gives you a great insight into what we do and all the information you need to decide if you would like to be part of Hot Ginger Chorus.  The first night is free!

What to expect from the 6 -8 week program after your first night:

Over the next six to eight weeks, we will provide you with the support, skills and training you need to improve in all aspects of singing.  We give you the music and learning tracks to an audition song to help you practise your part in between rehearsals.  After 6 weeks, we will ask you to audition.  This audition process is not scary and we will support you through the process.  This audition process ensures that we have people in our chorus who can sing in tune and hold their part against other parts.

If you would like to sing with us and want to find out more about a cappella singing and beautiful four-part harmonies, we invite you to reach out to our membership coordinator and come along to our next rehearsal..  Sweet Adelines members from all over Australia and overseas are also warmly welcomed.

For more information about joining Hot Ginger Chorus or attending our next rehearsal, email
We request that all visitors contact us ahead of time so we know who is planning to come along. 

Hot Ginger Chorus is inclusive of people of any age, race, nationality, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender expression. Membership is open to women and people of diverse genders, through the successful completion of our audition process.


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